Underwater Photography Competition

Are you into underwater photography?

Do you think you have good skills?

Would you like to take a chance of winning valuable prizes like scuba diving holidays, luxury diving gear and more?

So come and take part in the Red Sea Photography Festival and in the photography competition!

General overview:

The underwater photography competition will take place in the format of a Shoot-Out Competition, which means that the photographers will take the pictures during the two days of the event, on the 11-12/3/2020, on the coastal areas of Eilat only, in the following categories: wide-angle photography, macro photography, and both will be divided into two levels: Amateurs, and pros.

The images will be submitted to the competition without any processing and / or editing in RAW files.

Participation in the photography competition involves a fee and pre-registration, and is personal and limited to a single participant, who will take the photographs himself to submit to the competition.

At the start of the competition, an imaginary date will be set for which the cameras should be aimed to prove that the photos were taken during the competition days.

The prizes will be awarded to the winners of the personal competition and not transferable to others.

A participant who engages in an underwater nature violation, an interference to other participants, who will behave dangerously and / or violate the dive or competition laws, his or her participation will be revoked without a refund of participation.

To enter the competition, fill out the application form and email it to: aquaboaz@gmail.com

To download a participation form, click here - The competition is open for registration!

Here are the competition rules:

Rules of competition

1. The photography competition is a shoot-out contest, which means that the pictures will be taken only during the competition days on 11-12/3/2020, and only in the areas of the city of Eilat. The photographs must be underwater photographs taken at the sea. No photos will be accepted from a pool / lake / or any other body of water except the coast area of Eilat, from the border with Jordan to the Egyptian border.
2. At the start of the competition, participants will be given an imaginary date to which the contestants will be asked to set their cameras. Contest organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants who fail to do so, or if any suspicion of the credibility of the photo-taking date will be raised.
3. The photography days will start from the beginning of the day of photography until the end of the day. Participants can start shooting from 00:01 on Wednesday 11/03/2020 and until 23:59 on Thursday 12/03/2020.
4. The photographs to be submitted must be photographs taken by the photographer himself.
5. Photographs must be taken when at least half of the camera lens is underwater. Split photos, half and half photos will be accepted for the competition.
6. Contestants will direct their cameras to RAW + JPG format and submit the images in both of the above formats. Individual approval must be obtained for cameras that do not have this option in the registration status, from the competition organizers, in writing.
7. No photo editing and / or editing action is allowed. The photographs will be submitted in the exact same manner as they were taken.
8. Participants must demonstrate the preservation of the underwater marine life ​​in every action they take during the competition. The organizers of the competition will reserve the right to disqualify photographs that would be suspected by the panel of judges or experts from the field, who interfered with and / or violated the underwater natural marine behavior. Participants should not touch, move, feed, or reposition natural objects underwater. A participant who does this will be permanently removed from the competition.
9. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to disqualify attendees who behave abusively and disrespectfully, who do not obey the laws of competition, which will harm the underwater environment, or other participants in the competition. Such a decision will be final, irrevocable, and will not entitle the participant who has been excluded for financial or other compensation.
10. Contestants will not post the photographs that will be submitted to the photography competition until after the competition has ended and the winners have been declared. We would love to share general information about the competition itself, but do not reveal the photographer's name until the end of the judging process and the publication of the names of the contest winners.
11. The decisions of the judiciary are final and irrevocable.
12. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to use all photographs submitted to the competition for the purposes of publishing the event and similar events in the future. The photographs will not be used for purposes other than marketing and advertising of the festival, and similar events in the future.
13. The copyright of the photographs will remain with the photographers who are free to use the images as they wish after publishing the winning images at the closing ceremony.
14. Participation in the competition includes approval by contest participants to publish their own photos in publications and reviews of the photography competition, both during and after the competition.
15. For each category registration, a single image can be submitted to the same category. one can subscribe to several different categories, but not to the same category more than once. Payment will be made in advance of registration. In the event of no pictures submitted to the competition, no refund will be given.
16. Participation in the professional categories is open to anyone, regardless of the type of camera they use.
17. Participation in amateur categories will be restricted to participants who use compact cameras only. To clarify the meaning is to use only cameras which don’t have the possibility of lens replacement directly on the camera body. Mirrorless or DSLR cameras cannot be used in this category. In case of doubt, permissions should be ascertained with the competition organizers before or at the time of registration for the competition.
18. Images must be submitted to the photography category according to the category subject: Wide Angle / Macro. For the wide-angle category, submit images used with wide-angle lenses or a wide-angle camera model, and select images that include wide-area photography. Macro photography categories must be submitted using macro lenses, images that focus on tiny objects or the small details of creatures, and taken from short distances.

Download form here