Red Sea Diving Festival

Red Sea Diving Festival

The Red Sea Diving Festival is a must-see festival for all sea and diving lovers. The festival, which is in its second year, offers countless activities in a great schedule that can accommodate divers of all levels and snorkeling enthusiasts.

The festival will take place at the beginning of the desert winter in November during a period that is considered the best for diving in the Red Sea - the underwater richness, the temperature of the water and the friendliness of the fish, all indicate an amazing time to dive in it.

During each day of the festival there will be an exhibition of photographs from the underwater world that will be placed on the seabed and festival guests are invited to watch it by snorkeling at the Coral Beach, Eilat. There will also be lectures, screenings of photographs and underwater films, happy hour at every sunset, divers' parties, a beach clean up, and an underwater cleaning dive.

the full schedule will be published soon.

Festival participants will be able to participate in diving workshops on topics: free diving, technical diving and underwater photography.

In addition during the festival will be held  Underwater photography competition  With valuable awards for amateurs and professionals in underwater photography.

The Eilat Tourism Corporation, the Eilat Hotel Association, the Eilat Municipality, and many partners in the field of tourism and diving have joined forces to create a fun festival for divers and sea lovers. You will get to know our festival partners, the amazing collection of lecturers, and the companies and businesses that have joined the event soon when all the full details will be announced. We hope you take the opportunity to come and enjoy days of sun, sea, and underwater richness!

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