Festival partners

Isrotel Mint

The Isrotel Mint Dive Club will host the festival participants for an evening of lectures, presentations and film screenings on a giant screen on the lawn of the Isrotel Red Sea Hotel. In addition, the diving club will offer accommodation and diving packages and will award prizes to participants in the festival events.

Dolphin Reef

The Dolphin Reef in Eilat is a unique site of its kind in Israel and around the world that allows visitors to enjoy the environment and natural atmosphere, magical landscapes, "Stelbet" corners on the beach and watch dolphins in their natural habitat (at sea) and everything, with maximum consideration for nature and the environment.

At the Dolphin Reef access to dolphins is based on an attitude of respect, and all contact and closeness with humans in the water is created at the initiative of the dolphins, and without consideration beyond satisfaction created curiosity towards humans, and the pleasure of physical and mental contact with them.

Aqua Sports

The Aqua Sports Dive Club was established in 1962. Since then, for decades, we are proud to share  People in our love for the sea  And reveal to them the wonders of the underwater world. From introductory dives as an initial experience to diving courses at all levels, our professional instructors allow you to fulfill a dream. Diving tours and guided dives  Our daily activities, for a wide variety of diving sites in Eilat and Taba, allow you to experience the Red Sea.

Kisuski Beach

In the magical beach strip of Kisoski you will get all the best that Eilat has to offer: water sports activities, a beach restaurant and seating areas. The beach combines fun water sports activities for all ages.
All the employees at Kisoski Beach are professionals with many years of experience in the field of water sports. Kisoski Water Sports is a family business founded in 1981 that advocates a personal and family relationship for each guest and each customer!
In addition to water sports, the beach offers you synthetic grass areas, designed seating areas and sun beds, large shading areas and bridges for easy descent for bathing in the sea. The beach restaurant serves a varied and rich menu for beach guests at very attractive prices.