Saturday  14/03/2020 - Kisuski Beach

Updated from: 12.3.2020, 09:06

In light of the new guidelines and weather:

* Activities for families planned for Friday as well as a photo exhibition and prizes will be added to the activity on Saturday at Kisoski Beach

10:00 Beach cleaning operation led by WESEA

Participation is open to the general public for families and children. A briefing will begin at 10:00 a.m. by the association's volunteers.

10:00 Underwater cleaning dive under the guidance of the 'Bay Guards'

The dive is open for the participation of independent divers. An intensive briefing will begin at 10:00 in the presence of the inspectors of the Nature and Parks Authority.

Discounts for club participants:  Palmida, Deep, Dives, Marina Divers and Mint.

12:00 Summary of cleaning, lunch and second-hand diving equipment market with  Live music

  • Presentation of the garbage collected from the bottom of the Gulf of Eilat

  • Traditional lunch - jahanun and khomin.
    * The meal is paid for.

  • Hand diving equipment market2
    Do you have unused diving equipment items that you would like to sell / exchange / donate?
    Bring them with you to the equipment market that will be held as part of the ecological day of the diving festival and you will find a new owner!

* Admission is free upon presentation of a participant badge

* Food and beverages at extra charge

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* There may be changes in the schedule