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Wednesday 11/03/2020

10:00 - 15:00 Underwater photo exhibition at Aqua Sports (South)
The exhibition  Will be placed on the seabed,  Open to the general public and accessible by swimming and snorkeling or diving independently.  

17:00 Happy Hour Sunset at the 50 Bar  And the 'History of Diving' exhibition  At Aqua Sports Beach
Old diving equipment, photos from the first days of diving and screening of old diving films.

18:00 Evening 'Divers on the beach' at the Aqua Sport diving club

Lectures and presentations on topics: the future of diving, technical diving, cave diving, diving with closed systems, various innovations and more.


  • Nature Protection Society  - The coral reef of the Gulf of Eilat
    Hadas Gan Frenkel  (Language of the lecture: Hebrew)

  • Diving and ecology
    Debbie Ramon WeSea (Lecture Language: English)

  • Underwater photography                                               Danny Weinberg Author of the book Ein Hadag (Lecture Language: Hebrew)

  • The future of diving
    Or Heine is the manager and owner of the Palmida Club  (Language of the lecture: Hebrew)

  • Diving stories from the rigs of the North Sea
    Craig Bodin Owners of Aqua Sports Club (Lecture Language: English)

21:00 Beach party at Aqua Sports Beach

* Admission is free upon presentation of a participant badge

* Food and beverages at extra charge

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